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3DS Max Design, Architectural Visualization, Introduction 
Starts on Oct 15, 2024
Ends on Dec 17, 2024

Tuesday 18:30 to 21:30

Professor : Nicholas Rudi
Section number 6004-A24

Cost 150.00$
Age from 17 years
Available places YES
Duration 30 hours
Weeks nb 10

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3DS Max Design, Architectural Visualization, Introduction

To register, students must fulfill Emploi-Québec rules of eligibility. Please, read the information below.

If you have any issues registering, please contact us by email at

Prerequisite: Notions of Revit, AutoCAD or another 2D/3D design software.

In this introductory 3DS Max course, participants will learn about the 3DS Max environment and its controls, create and manipulate 3D primitives and models, create and modify materials, animate 3D models, and illuminate and render 3D models. 3DS Max is the standard for architectural visualization in the architecture and interior design industry. This course is offered in English only.

You are eligible to take these courses if you are:

  • a regular employee enrolling in a training related to your job or field of study (training may lead to promotion)

  • self-employed

  • unemployed, provided that the course is related to your field of study and you reside on the island of Montreal

  • under-qualified workers needing to upgrade their job qualifications (in view of obtaining a promotion)

  • You are NOT eligible to take these courses if you are:

  • Employed workers who are changing career or simply have a personal interest in the course;

  • Students if they are working part-time;

  • Individuals receiving benefits from La Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST) or La Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ);

  • Municipal workers;

  • Seasonal farm workers;

  • Asylum seekers;

  • Workers in the public or parapublic sector or employed by public organizations including:

    1. CEGEPs

    2. any Centre de réadaptation,

    3. any Centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée (CHSLD),

    4. Hospitals,

    5. Youth centres,

    6. CLSCs,

    7. Subsidized private colleges,

    8. Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ),

    9. School boards,

    10. the CSST,

    11. any CSSS,

    12. Hydro-Québec,

    13. Loto-Québec (including the casinos),

    14. Federal and provincial government departments,

    15. Provincial and federal penitentiaries,

    16. Canada Post,

    17. Radio-Canada/CBC,

    18. any Quebec Commission,

    19. the SAAQ,

    20. any Provincial or Federal Crown Corporation,

    21. la Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ),

    22. la Société des transports de Montréal (STM),

    23. Universities,

    24. Via Rail, or any similar organization.


  • Individuals must meet the specific prerequisites for each course.

  • Residents or employees of businesses located IN the Island of Montreal have priority for these part-time training courses.

  • Candidates unemployed or residing and working OUTSIDE the Island of Montreal will be placed on a waiting list.

  • Clients in eligible employment must work in a company or organization that has a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) and a place of business in Québec.

  • Subsidized training MAY NOT be taken for purposes of career change (reorientation) or for personal interest.

  • Students are accepted if working full-time anywhere in the Montreal Metropolitan Census Region (this includes Laval and the Laurentians, Lanaudière and Montérégie regions).

  • Students who are living in Montreal but working outside Quebec will have to request pre-approval from Emploi-Québec before registering.

  • *A maximum of three (3) candidates per company (or office) is permitted in any one course.

    *A maximum of two (2) simultaneous courses per person.

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