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English Academic Writing for Teens 
Starts on Apr 06, 2024
Ends on Jun 15, 2024

Saturday 09:00 to 13:00

Section number TEAW-S24

Cost 315.00$
Age 13 to 17 years
Available places YES
Duration 40 hours
Weeks nb 10

Sorry, the registration period for this course ended Apr 3, 2024.

English Academic Writing for Teens

This course is designed for students in Secondary III, IV and V from French high schools who are thinking of applying to an English CEGEP in the future.

The emphasis will mainly be on reading and writing, with many activities to improve spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Students will be expected to write book reports and keep a journal.

They will be introduced to the Vanier College English Admission Test, which they may be asked to write as part of the CEGEP application process.

This course is for students in Secondary III, IV and V only.

Schedule description

Students must be at an intermediate level or higher. Level assessments will take place on the first day of class. Students will then be placed in the appropriate level. Students and parents will be emailed before the second class with confirmation of level placement, classroom and teacher.

A make-up class has been scheduled at the end of the course.

Les étudiants doivent avoir un niveau intermédiaire ou supérieur. Les évaluations de niveau auront lieu lors du premier cours. Les étudiants seront ainsi placés dans le niveau approprié. Les étudiants et les parents recevront un email avant le deuxième cours pour confirmer le niveau, la salle de cours et le prof.

Un cours de rattrapage a été programmé à la fin de la session.

Los alumnos deben tener un nivel intermedio o superior. Las evaluaciones de nivel tendrán lugar durante la primera. Los alumnos estarán colocados en el nivel apropriado. Los alumnos y sus padres obtendrán un email antes de la segunda clase confirmando el nivel colocado, la sala de clase y el profesor.

Una clase de recuperación está programa al final de la sesión.

Costs description

The price includes materials, taxes, and a $30 non-refundable registration fee.

Le prix inclut les matériaux, les taxes, et les frais d'inscription non-remboursables de 30 $.

El precio incluye los materiales, los impuestos, y la tarifa de inscripción no reembolsable de $30.