Vanier College - Continuing Education
Classical Arabic 
Starts on Apr 20, 2024
Ends on Jun 22, 2024

Saturday 10:00 to 13:00, room E-213

Professor : Rania Dourra
Section number ARA-S24-L2

Cost 260.00$
Available places YES
Duration 30 hours
Weeks nb 6

Sorry, the registration period for this course ended Apr 17, 2024.

Classical Arabic

You will learn classical Arabic, which will allow you to better enjoy expressing your needs and desires during your trip in any Arab-speaking country. Learning classical Arabic and getting acquainted with the basics of Arabic language, considered to be the common ground and shared level of language through the Arab world and among Arab-speakers and writers worldwide, will enable you to deal with your fellow Arab-speaking residents and citizens. By putting in some curiosity and a fair amount of practice, you will enjoy making micro visits to the Arab universe in situ, as you cross its many gates without needing to take the plane ... or, who knows, before taking the plane to your preferred destination!

Schedule description

Course in-person - Vanier College Main Campus (821 ave. Ste.-Croix).

This class is for BEGINNERS. Students wishing to take this course are expected to have little to no knowledge of the language. If you are unsure of your level, email us at

Cours en-personne - Vanier Collège campus principal (821 ave. Ste.-Croix).

Ce cours est pour DËBUTANTS. Il est attendu que les étudiants voulant prendre ce cours n'aient pas ou peu de connaissance de la langue. Si vous n'êtes pas sûr de votre niveau, envoyez-nous un email au

Curso en presencial Vanier College campus principal (821 ave. Ste.-Croix).

Esta clase es para PRINCIPIANTES. Se espera a que los alumnos tomando esta clase conozcan poco o nada del idioma. Si tiene dudas sobre su nivel, escribanos al

Costs description

The price includes materials, taxes, and a $30 non-refundable registration fee.

Le prix inclut les matériaux, les taxes, et les frais d'inscription non-remboursables de 30 $.

El precio incluye los materiales, los impuestos, y la tarifa de inscripción no reembolsable de $30.